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Workshop Int. Choir Classical | 'Singing with your whole self'
30 maart 2024, 10:30
Art4U Veldhoven, Bossebaan 60

Workshop Int. Choir Classical | 'Singing with your whole self'


choral workshop by 

conductor of the Art4U International Choir Classical

Meet and join the singers of the Art4U International Choir Classical during a choral workshop on Saturday, March 30th 2024!

Experience what ‘singing with your whole self’ means when you follow the lead of conductor Wilko Brouwers.

Wilko’s words on how he goes to work:

flyer-a5-formaat_International-Choir_workshop_def_EN_150px.jpg“Classical (whatever that word means) choral music combines my love for language, music and the human voice, which I consider an instrument of the person's soul. For me the highest possible experience is to make music and to be completely IN it. Perfection is not the goal. Intensity and expression are.

In my working with choirs people seem to appreciate my playful, creative approach, my attention for details within the story of the composition and my care for the voice.

I love groups (choirs) in which people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds are united , because I consider that as the most natural and healthy environment. I am inspired by Ubuntu, the African philosophy of togetherness. A togetherness in which everyone can be him- or herself and feel the joy and power of togetherness at the same time.”


  • Orlando di Lasso | Jubilate Deo
  • Lorenz Maierhofer | The river is flowing
  • Thomas Tallis | If ye love me

Thomas Tallis - If ye love me : The Cambridge singers o.l.v. John Rutter

Sheet music will be provided by e-mail after we receive your registration via the form on this page. For this workshop we aim at (experienced) singers who are able to prepare their notes at home. There is room for a maximum of 6 singers in each voice group – chamber choir size – so be sure to sign up in time! If the amounts in de voice groups are in balance there is a possibility for 7 or 8 singers, so bring your friends of different voices!

  • Time: 10:30 - 13:00, with a short brake
  • Location: RABO-zaal Art4U, Bossebaan 60, Veldhoven
  • Costs: Normal € 10,- | Students: € 5,- including coffee/tea and an easter egg!

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