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Art4U International Choir (EN)
18 years and older

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Would you like to sing in a good choir with highly motivated singers from all over the world? Experience unity in diversity through choirmusic from all regions and all times. Register and join the 'Art4U International Choir'! For the experienced singer, the beginner and the curious singer. 

join the 'Art4U International Choir' !

There is no better way to connect with other people than through music because music is a language we can all understand. Working together toward a common musical goal connects in a way that goes beyond day-to-day life; the atmosphere of the music and the joint interests offer many means to start a different kind of conversation and to discover how much unity lies in diversity. Cross boundaries, literally, and experience singing in an international choir!

One choir two possibilities: classical & popular music

The Art4U international Choir offers different genres: a classical choir and a popular music choir. This offers loads of possibilities for joint performances and cross-over projects.
The classical choir will be lead by conductor Wilko Brouwers. The popular music Choir will be lead by conductor Femke Schmitz.

Meet the conductors:

Wilko Brouwers
Femke Schmitz
Wilko_web.png   Femke_web-1.png

- conductor classisal choir -


- conductor popular music choir -

"My name is WILKO BROUWERS and I am a choral conductor and composer, born in 1957 in Waalre, The Netherlands. I studied at the conservatories in Utrecht, Arnhem and Budapest and got my master degree in choral conducting.

Classical (whatever that word means) choral music combines my love for language, music and the human voice, which I consider an instrument of the person's soul. For me the highest possible experience is to make music and to be completely IN it. Perfection is not the goal. Intensity and expression are.

In my present daily life I combine composing and conducting choirs with teaching private students and groups. On my website > I call myself an initiator, because I like starting new things as well as leading existing things on new roads.

In my working with choirs people seem to appreciate my playful, creative approach, my attention for details within the story of the composition and my care for the voice.

I love groups (choirs) in which people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds are united , because I consider that as the most natural and healthy environment. I am inspired by Ubuntu, the African philosophy of togetherness. A togetherness in which everyone can be him- or herself and feel the joy and power of togetherness at the same time. 



"My name is Femke Schmitz and I am a choral conductor, vocal coach and jazzsinger, born in 1999 in Eindhoven. I followed the cours ‘MusicAllFactory’ (Factorium Tilburg), attended the Meisner Toneelacademie (‘s Hertogenbosch) and I got my Bachelor degree in ‘Lichte Muziek Zang’ (Popular Music Vocals) and my Master of Music Jazz Vocals (Fontys Tilburg).

I am truly a pop and jazz singer with a passion for singing with big bands, singing technique, arranging, singer-songwriting, conducting and teaching as you can read on my website >.

The fun most part of working with choirs, I find, is that you always have a common passion with the choir members; singing of course! I think it’s important that every singer feels comfortable and above all enjoys making music. The rehearsals can be completely customized to the experience and wishes of the choir so that together we can get to that next step and level. For instance we can work on presentation, song interpretation, music theory or that complicated line in that great but challenging song.

Furthermore I find it important that everyone uses their singing voice in a healthy and responsible way. Therefore I always try to implement singing techniques in a fun way during my rehearsals. The thing I love the most in being a conductor is the moment when singing notes has grown into making music. All of a sudden the choir members are notably telling a story with which they are able to move themselves, the audience and me with their singing. That is extraordinarily beautiful!"

If you have a question about the choir, auditions, repertoire etc. mail one of the conductors:
wilko brouwers >   femke schmitz >

When can you start?

All nationalities (including Dutch!) can join the 'Art4U International Choir'. The rehearsals will be in English, but during the coffee break there is all the more room to polish your skills in Dutch small talk! Next to different nationalities, we aim for a mix of ages between 18 and 68.

First two rehearsals are to make acquaintance

Because it's nice to first make acquaintance with the group and the conductors and their methods, the first two rehearsals you attend are without obligation. After that the course fee will be collected proportionally to the remaining rehearsals.

  • The rehearsals of the classical choir will start on Wednesday the 1st of November, weekly from 20.00 – 22.15 o’clock in room 106, 210 or the SIMACzaal of the Art4U music school in Veldhoven.
  • The popular music choir will start with a Kick-Off on Sunday the 5th of November. The rehearsals will start on Sunday the 7th of January 2024 every other week from 11.00 – 13.15 o’clock in the RABOzaal of the Art4U music school in Veldhoven. Download the rehearsal scHedule >
Classical choir

If you want to join the classical choir, singing experience and being able to read music are essential. You will be able to join after a short and successful audition. Before the rehearsals start you will receive an invitation for your audition along with the sheet music of a short melody which you can prepare at home. When you apply for this course please state in ‘opmerkingen’ for which voice you want to audition (you can choose between high, medium or low voice). During the audition you will be asked to perform this whilst the conductor will mainly listen to rhythm, intonation and pronunciation.

Popular music choir

For the popular music choir there are no starting requirements needed. The repertoire will be arranged based on the experience of the singers and during the rehearsals extra attention will be paid on how to make the music your own, good use of your singing voice and homogeneity in the overall choir sound. To get an indication of the thus composed choir, we would like to ask you to let us know if you have singing experience and if you do which voice (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

Of course within the choirs there will be enough room to grow both vocally and musically!

Sing-a-Song | learning course

If you don’t have any singing or choir experience, but you would really like to join one of these choirs, please let us know by applying for ‘Sing-a-Song’. With enough applicants we will start a schooling opportunity wherein you will learn everything starting with the sound of your own voice and the basics of reading sheet music. We are happy to announce that a group will start at the beginning of 2024! It will be a five week course. More information about day and time and what you will be learning, will be made available soon.

Repertoire & program

The repertoire

The repertoire of the classical choir will consist of everything classical music has to offer, from Renaissance to Baroque and the Romantic era to contemporary music.
The repertoire of the popular music choir will consist of all thinkable styles out of this genre: jazz, pop, soul, disco, Bollywood.

If you yourself have any suggestions for the repertoire, please let the conductors know! Especially when it concerns international composers and/or artists; key ingredients for surprising concert programs.

Program classical choir: I AM THE VOICE OF THE WIND

The first concert program will be called ‘I AM THE VOICE OF THE WIND’ and will constist of contemporary compositions by:

  • Gabriel Jackson (I am the voice of the wind)
  • Vytautas Miskinis (If the day is done)
  • Veljo Tormis (Tower bell in my village)
  • and others!

I am the voice of the wind | Gabriel Jackson: The Vasari Singers o.l.v. Jeremy Backhouse, m.m.v. Jocelyn Coe (sopraan), Daniel Burges (Tenor)

Program popular music choir:

Will be made known in September!

During the season we will also be working on schooling possibilities (choir schooling and voice schooling) and we will actively engage in interactions with the large local choir community of Veldhoven.

Sheet music and rehearsal aids

As soon as the rehearsals start sheet music will be made available. To aid you in studying music at home we will also provide rehearsal aids in the form of MIDI-files and MP3’s. Both will be accessible via a login on this page to be downloaded and used as you please.

Wat kost het?

+Art4U International Choir - Pop

incl. BTW
Excl. BTW
Femke Schmitz
Art4U Veldhoven
Zondag (11:00 - 13:15 uur)

+Art4U International Choir - Klassiek

incl. BTW
Excl. BTW
Wilko Brouwers
Art4U Veldhoven
Woensdag (20:00 - 22:15 uur)

+Art4U International Choir - Sing-a-Song short course 5 weeks

incl. BTW
Femke Schmitz, Wilko Brouwers
Art4U Veldhoven
Nog niet bekend